About Us

As a child, Leah dreamt of becoming a hair stylist and eventually was fortunate enough to pursue her passion and graduated the top of her class in 1999. 

She learned her craft under the guidance of some of the top stylists in the region and eventually garnered a renowned reputation herself. She turned down several offers to showcase her talents elsewhere in the world because she built relationships with her clientele on a local level and was very content with simply making them happy. 

There was one piece of the puzzle that always seemed to be missing at the various salon’s she worked for and that was the positive team atmosphere where everyone shared a common goal of always putting the customer first.

In 2009 this vision was finally realized, and Leah’s Locks Salon and Spa was created. 

Leah’s obsession with satisfying her clientele placed the focus on a perfect customer experience, which included a positive and clean atmosphere, world class expertise and excellent value. 

Leah’s current mission is to extend her reach online and share her years of experience by teaching people how to select and utilize the right products for their hair.